Source code for feeluown.fuoexec.functions

This module contains all functions that exposed to rcfile.

from typing import Callable

from .signal_manager import signal_mgr
from .fuoexec import (

# add fuoexec_before_app_initialized if needed
# add fuoexec_after_app_initialized if needed

[docs]@expose_to_rcfile() def source(filepath: str): """Exec a py file. """ fuoexec_load_file(filepath)
[docs]@expose_to_rcfile(aliases='when') def add_hook(signal_symbol: str, func: Callable, use_symbol: bool = False, **kwargs): """add hook on signal :param signal_symbol: app.{object}.{signal_name} . :param func: Signal receiver. :param use_symbol: Whether to connect the signal to the symbol of the receiver. If this is true, the real receiver is lazy found by the symbol, and the signal connects to a symbol instead of a function object. If this is false, problem may occur when the rcfile is reloaded. because there the signal connects to two *same* receivers. :param kwargs: This is directly passed to Signal.connect. >>> def func(): pass >>> add_hook('app.initialized', func) .. versionadded:: 3.8 The *kwargs* keyword argument. """ signal_mgr.add(signal_symbol, func, use_symbol, **kwargs)
[docs]@expose_to_rcfile() def rm_hook(signal_symbol: str, slot: Callable, use_symbol: bool = False): """Remove slot from signal. If slot_symbol is not connected, this does nothing. """ signal_mgr.remove(signal_symbol, slot, use_symbol=use_symbol)