Source code for feeluown.excs

HELP: I do not know how to design exception classes,
as a result, these interfaces can be changed frequently.

from requests.exceptions import RequestException

[docs]class FuoException(Exception): pass
[docs]class LibraryException(FuoException): pass
[docs]class ProviderIOError(LibraryException, RequestException): """Read/write data from/to provider failed currently, all providers use requests to send http request, and many Requestexception are not catched, so ProviderIOError inherit RequestException. """ def __init__(self, message='', provider=None): super().__init__(message) self.message = message self.provider = provider def __str__(self): if self.provider is None: return self.message return '[{}] {}'.format(self.provider, self.message)
[docs]class CreateReaderFailed(ProviderIOError): """(DEPRECATED) use ProviderIOError instead"""
[docs]class ReaderException(ProviderIOError): """(DEPRECATED) use ProviderIOError instead"""
[docs]class ReadFailed(ProviderIOError): """(DEPRECATED) use ProviderIOError instead"""
[docs]class ResourceNotFound(LibraryException): pass
[docs]class ProviderAlreadyRegistered(LibraryException): pass
[docs]class ProviderNotFound(ResourceNotFound): pass
[docs]class ModelNotFound(ResourceNotFound): """Model is not found For example, a model identifier is invalid. .. versionadded:: 3.7.7 """
[docs]class NotSupported(LibraryException): """Provider does not support the operation """
[docs]class MediaNotFound(ResourceNotFound): pass
[docs]class NoUserLoggedIn(LibraryException): """(DEPRECATED) return None when there is no user logged in"""